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Baker Street Readers

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A reading and creative challenge group for the Sherlock Holmes canon.
bakerstreaders is a reading and creative challenge group for the Sherlock Holmes canon. We read and discuss the stories, share squee over our favorite plots and characters, and share creative works based on our love for the world Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created. On occasion, there will be glittertext and hyperventilation, but that's only to be expected.

The Rules

1. Trolling, bashing, and flamewars will not be tolerated. Differences of opinion are expected and encouraged, but a modicum of civility is expected. Let's keep this a happy place.

2. Mycroft knows everything.

3. Fanmixes and NC-17 rated materials must be comm-locked. If you wish to link to an open post on your own journal, feel free.

3b. Please do not link to locked materials. It's painfully disappointing and makes Mrs. Hudson snippy.

4. Watch out for spoilers. There are new and old readers here, and not everyone has read/seen/heard the same thing. While this is fairly subjective (the material is over one hundred years old, after all), please err on the side of caution. This goes double when you're talking about movies and TV shows.

5. Watson has never not had game.

6. Any questions, concerns, and suggestions can be directed to your friendly neighborhood mods, the_arc5, mr_liam_to_you, and queerlyobscure. We don't often feed people to wolverines.

7. Sherlock knows.

8. But not as much as Mycroft.

9. Spreading the love is always appreciated; the more the merrier.

10. When in doubt, refer to rule #2.

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